Adventure Travel: Don't Just Cruise, Adventure Cruise

Adventure Travel: Don't Just Cruise, Adventure Cruise

Posted 07.09.2012 in Articles by Jess

To most people a cruise means tranquility, relaxation and doing nothing but having a cocktail and tanning on deck. But why not have the luxuries of a cruise and throwing in a little bit of adventure and adrenaline? You'll still have the relaxation factor but instead of merely touring a town and clicking pictures when at port, you'll go off on safaris and epic bear watching excursions. Void of all the glitz and glamour of a large ship you're part of a destination from the minute you step onto the boat. These three adventure cruises are a sure way to get you travelling the world in a truly unforgettable fashion. 

One of the better-known cruise lines for adventure travel is Lindblad Expeditions and for a reason. Their partnership with National Geographic has given them a positive, eco-friendly and environmentally responsible reputation. Their most popular cruise destination is Antarctica. Passengers are accompanied by veteran expedition Naturalists who provide professional insight and information about the surrounding environment. On this cruise, you’ll have the opportunity to take hikes through wilderness teeming with gentoo, Adelie or chinstrap penguins. On the ship the Zodiac you’ll cruise among huge icebergs, have the opportunity to kayak in coves while paddling around ice floes filled with wildlife – including whales. If that wasn’t already exciting enough, you’ll have the special and privileged opportunity to explore the Antarctic undersea with specialists on board. It’s a sight not many human beings on the entire planet have ever witnessed nor will witness in their lifetime. 

Another popular adventure cruise line is InnerSea Discoveries Small Ship Adventure Cruises. They’re well known for their adventure packed cruise to Alaska. Some of the highlights include, starting by anchoring in Windham Bay – sea kayak and trekking or a hike at 350-ft elevation gain. Then you’ll move into the waters of Frederick Sound (the summer feeding ground for the largest concentration of humpback whales in the Northern Hemisphere). In these waters you’re likely to see humpback whales, orca and Stellar sea lions. You’ll then travel to Thomas Bay and take a hike to the top of Baird Glacier Trail. Passengers have the option of taking a kayak excursion from Scenery Cove to Cascade Creek. Trek on one of several scenic Cascade Creek trails. Travel through the waters of LeConte Bay. Fly above the mile-wide LeConte Glacier in an optional floatplane excursion. Travel towards Wrangell via the Wrangell Narrows that are guided by over 30 bright red and green navigation lights, locally known as Christmas Tree Lane. Fish for king salmon, visit Chief Shakes Tribal house for native storytelling. Visit Kiksetti Totem Park. Passengers can also walk down to Anan Creek to watch bears fish for salmon. Sail towards Yes Bay and the surrounding Tongass National Forest where you’re bound to see humpback whales, orca, porpoise, seals, sea lions, brown bears, black bears, mink, marten, eagles, and otters. Take a kayak tour to Lake McDonald and experience the snorkeling excursion later in the evening. Kayak again through Walker Cove and explore the area. After a long, adventurous trip, it all ends with cocktails, Alaskan seafood and prime beef dinner with the Captain. 

Lastly, Adventure Life cruise line has a number of exotic, exciting destinations available. One in particular is their cruise to Pelagic West Africa. Some highlights of this trip include beginning in Praia and travel towards the small islands of Raso and Branco. Along the way you’ll see seabirds and shearwaters, the volcanic cone of Fogo, flying fish, short-finned pilot whale, bottlenose dolphin, common dolphin, sperm whale, pan-tropical spotted dolphin. You’ll arrive in Raso and see Shearwaters and white-faced storm petrels, red-billed tropicbird, brown boobies. Head away from the Cape Verde islands towards the continental shelf off West Africa and cruise along the shelf edge off Mauritania and Western Sahara. From here you’ll see all four species of Northern Skua, Grey Phalaropes, sabine's gulls, European storm-petrel kittiwakes and black terns, different species of whales, sunfish, and occasional turtle. Explore the deepwater channels around Gomera in the Canary Islands and see dolphins and whales. Travel to the remote Selvagens to catch a glimpse of Selvagen Pequina, petrels, and shearwaters. Sail by the Desertas Islands to see dolphins, whales, squid, deep-water canyons and trenches, and monk seals. 

Wherever you decide to take your next cruise, why not make it an adventure as well? Anyone can take a cruise to the Caribbean or Hawaii, but it take an adventurer to kayak with whales, go bear watching, or travel to the ends of the continental shelf. 


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