Cruise Gay: Popular Gay Cruise Lines and Destinations

Cruise Gay: Popular Gay Cruise Lines and Destinations

Posted 07.09.2012 in Articles by Jess

Gay and lesbian travelers looking to go on a cruise have a number of choices to cater to the diversity of their communities and interests. While conflict between gay and straight passengers on any ship is extremely rare, there are a ton of all-gay charters to choose from. Rather than going on a hetero cruise, going on an all-gay cruise has its perks of course. It's a time of relaxation among increasingly tolerant and nonjudgmental fellow passengers where everyone is generally like-minded. From well-known large companies to gay travel agencies, aside from places like Jamaica and Grand Cayman, gay travelers have a limitless amount of cruising options in terms of destination. There's no need to compromise on luxury or choice of itineraries with these cruise line favorites. 

One of the most gay friendly cruise lines in the industry considered by most is Crystal Cruises. They’re best for the older gay couples or a sophisticated single or discreet group that want to experience true pampering. The staff is attentive and sincere, the customer service above and beyond. This cruise line has many loyal gay and lesbian passengers that continue to return time and again. They offer FOD/LGBT meetings on every single itinerary, which is a rarity among luxury cruise lines. 

The next great lesbian/gay cruise is Norwegian Cruise Line. This cruise line is best for fun-loving, younger night owls and partying singles. Like Crystal Cruises, they offer FOD/GLBT meetings on every sailing and a gay-friendly staff. They also offer “Freestyle Cruising” that most others do not. This means open seating at dinner, no set dinner times, relaxed dress codes, etc. 

Princess Cruises is best for couples looking for good value for their money and exotic itineraries. This cruise line includes every feature gay and lesbian travelers might look for. This includes a gay-friendly crew and staff, the third largest fleet of cruising ships and an Anytime Dining program. The offer itineraries like Hawaii, the Amazon or try Southeast Asia. 

Any gay couple or single looking to have fun should try Atlantis cruise line. They pride themselves on being the largest gay and lesbian tour operator in the world. They attract over 20,000 travelers each year. Lastly, Olivia cruise lines are ideal for any lesbian looking to take a cruise. They’re the leader in lesbian cruises and resort vacations for the past 20 years. They charter entire ships and they usually buy out the entire resort and fill it with women. 

Gay and lesbian travelers no longer need to compromise their itineraries when looking into taking a cruise vacation. There are a number of cruise lines that now cater to every need that a gay traveler would have. Travel with like-minded people and have the time of your life on your next vacation.


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