Popular Cruises, Find The Best Cruise Destinations

Popular Cruises, Find The Best Cruise Destinations

Posted 07.09.2012 in Articles by Jess

Taking a cruise is one of the most exciting, relaxing, and popular ways to take a vacation getaway.  Besides some of the essentials like dates and rates, one of the most important decisions you will make when planning your cruise is to decide where to go, or in cruise terms, your “port of call”. With hundreds of destinations to choose from, it may be overwhelming at first when presented with so many different options. While it's typical to stop in the Caribbean, Hawaii, or the Bahamas, these six cruise destinations are giving those destinations a run for their money. From adventures in Alaska to the crystal blue waters and warm breezes of the Mediterranean, these destinations have something to offer any person's interests.  


Alaska is a popular cruise for many. Gorgeous, dramatic natural landscapes and picturesque small towns make Alaska a diverse and fascinating destination. Some of the typical ports, like state capitol Juneau, are accessible only by sea or air since they are not connected with outside communities via road. Accordingly, taking a cruise may be the best way to explore these remote settlements. Gold rush towns like Skagway and rough-and-tumble towns that have become cities, such as Ketchikan, are typical ports. Popular excursions on these cruises include a day of dog sledding or a helicopter ride to a glacier. Many visitors choose to hike or visit historic sites like Ketchikan’s Creek Street.


Australia is easily among the best cruise destinations. In fact, the continent’s remote location and vastness make cruising an excellent way to get acquainted with the land. Most of the best cruise itineraries in the area start at Sydney, where passengers can spend a few days exploring the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Bondi Beach and other famous locales. Favorite ports include Brisbane with its Australia Zoo and Port Douglas, where tourists can visit the Great Barrier Reef. Beautiful weather and plenty of cultural attractions are bound to keep Australia a popular cruise destination for a long time to come.


Among the most popular cruises are those that take passengers to European ports. Many of these voyages start in London. Some of the best cruise itineraries in this area visit Ireland and Scotland. Dublin is an ancient and walkable city that is a dream to explore. In Edinburgh, tourists stroll the Royal Mile. Alternative itineraries may explore France and Spain with stops in Bilbao and Bordeaux. Still another option that is becoming increasingly popular are Scandinavian and Russian cruises that highlight Copenhagen, St. Petersburg and Tallinn, Estonia. A cruise is one of the easiest ways to visit a number of European locales in a short amount of time and with a minimum of fuss.


The fjords of Norway, with their breathtaking natural beauty, have also become a popular cruise choice. Such a cruise will allow for plenty of days “at sea” when simply viewing the fjords is the highlight of the daylight hours. Nonetheless, these voyages also pack in plenty of ports. Typical stops include Bergen, with its spectacular Old Bergen Museum, and Stavanger, which boasts a fascinating farm that dates back to the Iron Age. The weather may usually be cool in these ports, but with such beautiful scenery, it’s likely no one will notice.


A cruise that focuses entirely on the Baltic Sea generally offers ports at Oslo, where tourists can visit the medieval Akershus Castle, and Tallinn, where Toompea Hill provides glimpses of some of the oldest architecture in Estonia. Many of the best cruise destinations in the area, such as Copenhagen and Bruges, are included on most voyages. These ancient and picturesque destinations are some of the most charming in Europe.


Gambling in Monte Carlo, gazing upon great works of art in the Uffizi at Florence and viewing the Basilica of St. John in Kusadasi, Turkey are just a few of the wonders cruisers may encounter on a voyage along the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Some of the most popular cruises make a stop in the Egyptian city of Alexandria from which passengers may travel to Cairo and Giza to see the Egyptian Museum and the Great Pyramids. Ports in Greece, Israel and Croatia are also memorable destinations.


Any of these six cruise destinations provide exciting opportunities to explore the world. Discover ancient civilizations and bustling modern cities while relaxing on a luxurious cruise ship.  


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